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L-methylfolate is like a round wheel. Folic acid is like a square ‘wheel’. We’ve evolved. It’s time for folic acid to go away.

An Evolved Caveman

L-Methylfolate: What, When, Why and How - Dr Lynch (1)

While this is indeed funny, it’s tragic.

Folic acid is basically a square wheelto your body. It has to be processed by many different enzymes so your body can turn it into a round wheel – L-methylfolate.

Why would you use a square ‘wheel’when a round wheel is invented and readily available?

Learn about L-Methylfolate

Here is a great summary video

I will soon have this video transcribed as well for you. It is being worked on.

L-Methylfolate: What It Does

The job of L-Methylfolate is supporting methylation. (Learn more about methylation here.)

Without L-methylfolate available, your methylation cyclestruggles. As a result, your hom*ocysteine levels may climb up above 7. If your hom*ocysteine is above 7, then you should be working on your methylation. (If your hom*ocysteine is lower than 7, that’s a different story but it’s not ideal.)

Lowering your hom*ocysteine with just L-methylfolate may work but unlikely. One needs to have adequate:

  • Methylcobalamin (vitamin B12)
  • TMG (Betaine)
  • Pyridoxine (vitamin B6)
  • Riboflavin (vitamin B2)

These nutrients typically suffice to help support healthy levels of hom*ocysteine.

L-Methylfolate: How it is Made

Making this is not easy.

There are many genes involved here and, yes, many of these genes can be problematic for people.

Look at this individual’s folate pathway genes. They are highly susceptible to low levels of L-methylfolate:

  • Folic acid starts at the top and has to go through each one of those genes
  • MTHFD1 gene is red so it is really reduced in function so it cannot easily convert folate into L-methylfolate
  • MTHFR gene is red so it is also very reduced in function so it cannot easily convert folate into L-methylfolate
  • Result? This individual could be quite low in L-methylfolate if not eating leafy green vegetables
  • Low l-methylfolate levels contribute to poorly functioning methylation and hom*ocysteine levels increase

L-Methylfolate: What, When, Why and How - Dr Lynch (2)

Want to see your Folate Pathway and Genetics? Order StrateGene to find out fast.

L-Methylfolate: I have MTHFR. Do I Need it?

So many people get their MTHFR test results back and find they have some form of MTHFR SNP.

This leads to the practitioner recommending high amounts of L-methylfolate.


One should never recommend a high amount of a supplement based on the MTHFR genetic test result alone. That’s not enough information.

What happens is commonly side effects and that’s not good.

L-methylfolate is a fantastic nutrient and it’s getting a bad rap because it’s not used properly.

It all depends on the person how much of any nutrientthey need – not which SNP they have.

Now no one should take folic acid….

L-Methylfolate: How Much to Use?

This is a tricky question. It all depends on the person.

  • If not eating sufficient leafy green vegetables, you’ll need to take some.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding? You’ll need it.
  • Growing child? Needs it
  • Elevated hom*ocysteine? You’ll need it.

L-Methylfolate: Who Does Not Need It?

We all need some – all of us.

Those who do not that muchmore:

  • Eating sufficient green vegetables – with lunch and dinner AND
  • Healthy hom*ocysteine level (between 6.5 and 8)

If this is you, you do not need that much more and maybe you don’t need any on some days. Some days I skip it completely and other days I need a few milligrams (when presenting at a conference for hours).

L-Methylfolate: Where to Get It?

You can findit in a number of different supplements currently. This is a great thing.

L-Methylfolate and You

How is ithelping you? Share your experiences.

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  • L-Methylfolate: What, When, Why and How - Dr Lynch (3)Paul Rossi says:

    July 30, 2021 at 3:39 pm

    I have low HGB (9) and low RBC (3.13)
    Due to CML. I need to raise these numbers especially Hgb to 10.
    Can this help?


    • L-Methylfolate: What, When, Why and How - Dr Lynch (4)Benjamin Lynch says:

      September 20, 2022 at 11:23 am

      Hi Paul –

      Low blood markers are better supported by folinic acid.


  • L-Methylfolate: What, When, Why and How - Dr Lynch (5)Dee Sullivan says:

    June 21, 2021 at 7:21 am

    I have had damage to nerves, mental changes and nausea with possible gut problems due to folic acid in certain supposed health foods I was taking. I have Lupus and some genetic issues. Is there a way to rid my body of folic acid? I will not be taking it in foods or otherwise obviously a now that I know what it is and what it can do to the human body. Also, is there an accurate test for B12 levels?


  • L-Methylfolate: What, When, Why and How - Dr Lynch (6)Anna Dominique Demongeot says:

    October 17, 2020 at 4:29 pm

    I’m curious if the mthfr gene can cause a high B6, or B6 malabsorption. Also, would the mthfr gene cause build up of toxins in the lymphatic system even with a healthy organic vegetarian diet? Is there a way to test ones methylation capacity?
    Thanks, anna


    • L-Methylfolate: What, When, Why and How - Dr Lynch (7)Joy-Dr. Ben Lynch Team Member says:

      November 6, 2020 at 4:26 pm

      In the back of Dr. LYnch’s book, Dirty Genes, there is a section for lab testing. you can get a methylation panel, and measure folate, hom*ocysteine, etc. Dr. Lynch tells you where to get these tests as well! B6 and methylation are closely related because its a cofactor for the CBS gene, but is not necessarily directly linked to MTHFR gene. Talk to your qualified healthcare professional to learn more!


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L-Methylfolate: What, When, Why and How - Dr Lynch (2024)
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