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Although Joliet is not as congested as Chicago, an alarming number of collisions occur within the city. Whether you live in or are traveling through the area, it is important to recognize the most dangerous streets in Joliet, IL. With this knowledge, you can practice defensive driving to protect yourself and your family from serious bodily injuries or death.

If you struggle to cope after a collision within the city, turn to a dedicated Joliet car accident attorney for legal guidance and support when you need it most. We understand the law and how to apply it for the best advantage in your case.

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How dangerous are the roads near Joliet, IL?

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, 3,251 motor vehicle accidents occurred in 2022. Approximately 820 collisions resulted in catastrophic injury, while 2,419 collisions involved vehicle or property damage. A total of 6,413 cars were involved in these collisions.

A combined 5,997 motorists and passengers were affected by motor vehicle accidents that year. This includes 23 fatalities and 1,718 passengers. 610 passengers were injured, while three suffered fatal injuries. Examining the causes of these collisions is crucial. The city of Joliet and state officials should review this data to determine the biggest risk factors for motor vehicle wrecks. Only then can they develop actionable measures to reduce the number of collisions and traffic accident fatalities.

Which intersections pose the greatest safety threat in Joliet?

The Joliet Patch reviewed 2021 data from the Joliet Police Department to uncover the city’s most dangerous streets and roadways. In terms of the greatest number of crashes and injuries, the following roads and intersections are noted as being particularly hazardous:

  • Caton Farm Road and Route 59
  • Route 59 and Theodore Street
  • Western Avenue and Broadway Street
  • Hennepin Drive and Plainfield Road with
  • Jefferson Street and Raynor Avenue
  • Crider Lane and Caton Farm Road
  • Hickory Street and Western Avenue
  • Jefferson Street and Larkin Avenue
  • West Ingalls Avenue and North Larkin Avenue
  • North Center Street and Ruby Street

Most of these intersections experience more than ten accidents every year. The intersection of Caton Farm Road and Route 59 had the most, with 37 crashes, injuring 10 people. Where Route 59 intersects with Theodore Street, there were 35 accidents, resulting in 9 injuries.

What are the top causes of car accidents in Joliet?

Examining the causes of accidents at Joliet’s most dangerous intersections could help reduce the number of injuries and deaths. Of the 3,251 collisions in 2022, 892 occurred when drivers attempted to turn into private properties or businesses.

These turning accidents also accounted for 285 accidents, including property damages. Other common causes of these collisions included:

  • Wild or loose animals account for 415 accidents
  • Parked car accidents account for 328 collision
  • Improper lane changes and sideswipe accidents account for 308 collisions
  • Front-end collisions account for over 290 car accidents
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents account for 47 of the total collision

How does negligent driving increase risk in dangerous intersections?

Part of what makes certain intersections more dangerous than others is the increase in driver negligence. When motorists are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, fatigued, ill, or distracted, they are far more likely to cause life-changing injuries and collisions.

58 Joliet drivers were found to be impaired in some way in 2022. Nearly 60 of these drivers were under the influence of alcohol, while two were under the influence of drugs. One driver was found under the influence of a lawful prescription medication. There were also:

  • 2 drunk and drugged driving accidents
  • 22 emotional stress accidents
  • 27 drowsy driving accidents

Unsurprisingly, the greatest number of accidents occurred during rush hour between 3 and 5 PM, accounting for more than 580 collisions. Interestingly, Fridays saw the greatest number of collisions, with 573 accidents, while Sundays had the least traffic accidents, with only 309.

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Most Dangerous Streets in Joliet, IL - Blog (2024)
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