One Piece: The Five Elders' Powers And True Forms Explained (2024)

Warning: Contains spoilers for chapter #1110 of One Piece.


  • Chapter #1110 reveals the Five Elders' true forms, who appear to transform into various Japanese yokai and other monsters.
  • The Five Elders' abilities are beyond typical Devil Fruit powers, causing uncertainty about the source of the Five Elders' abilities, which may not stem from Devil Fruits.
  • The battle at Egghead intensifies, casting doubts on Luffy's victory against the invincible Five Elders.

One Piece has finally revealed the full powers and true forms of its biggest villains, the Five Elders, and they are much more terrifying than anybody could have anticipated. The latest chapter reveals the Five Elders have finally descended on Egghead and have revealed their true forms and powers at last, confirming they might pose the biggest threat in One Piece.

Chapter #1110 of One Piece finally reveals the true forms of the remaining Five Elders as they finally arrive at Egghead. Much like Saint Saturn, the rest of the Elders can also appear to possess Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits modeled after Japanese and Chinese demons and monsters (yokai), except Saint Ju Peter, who can turn into a massive sandworm.

One Piece: The Five Elders' Powers And True Forms Explained (1)

The rest of the Five Elders also appear to have awakened their devil fruits as signified by the floating black sash around their shoulders that typically accompanies awakened Zoans and each possesses a fearsome set of abilities. That said, the chapter does not reveal the names of their devil fruits, instead introducing the Five Elders as the beasts they can transform into, which could imply that their powers do not stem from devil fruits at all.


One Piece Proves Its Ultimate Villains' True Horror With the Five Elders

The Celestial Dragons have often been portrayed as pathetic and weak, but One Piece is proving that some of them like the Five Elders can be scary.

One Piece Reveals The True Forms of the Five Elders

One Piece created by Eiichiro Oda chapter #1110, "Starfall"

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The Five Elders' transformations were last teased back in chapter #1085, where they were revealed in silhouette only, seemingly saving the big reveal for the climax of the Egghead Arc. Chapter #1110 finally reintroduces each of the Five Elders along with the monsters that they can transform into. While Saint Saturn, Saint Mars, and Saint Nusjuro can all transform into Japanese yokai, Saint Warcury takes the form of a Chinese mythological monster, and Saint Ju Peter can turn into a sandworm that appears in many fantasy stories.

Saint Jay Garcia Saturn is introduced as "gyuki," confirming a popular fan hypothesis that Saturn's devil fruit could be modeled after the ushi-oni, which serves as another name for the gyuki. The gyuki is a Japanese yokai that is a mix between an ox and a spider with curving horns like those sported by Saint Saturn when transformed. Saturn has also displayed the ability to produce poison from the claws at the end of his spider legs which may be another trait inspired by the gyuki, as the demon is also said to possess the power to spit poison.

On the other hand, Saint Marcus Mars is introduced as "istumade" another Japanese yokai that takes the form of a disturbing bird-like creature. The itsumade is said to possess a human-like face with a curved beak and spiky, saw-like teeth. The creature also has sharp talons, and a long snake-like body with wings and is said to strike fear into humans with its cry. Saint Mars is seen attacking the Labophase in chapter #1110 but little else has been revealed of his abilities and not much else is said about the itsumade's powers in legend either.

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Meanwhile, Saint Ethan Baron V. Nusjuro can transform into a Japanese yokai called the "bakotsu", which is traditionally a yokai birthed when a horse is burned to death. As such, Saint Nusjuro takes the appearance of a giant skeletal horse. He can also switch to a hybrid form similar to a centaur where half his body retains his regular human form from the waist up, allowing him to wield his sword in battle. He is also seen releasing cold slashes that leave the Pacifista half-frozen and incapacitated in chapter #1110, which many fans have speculated could be similar to Brook's ability, as the bakotsu seems closely linked to death and the underworld, much like Brook's devil fruit.

As for Saint Topman Warcury, his transformation takes the form of a monster from Chinese mythology known as "fengxi" or "hoki", which is a two-headed boar. The monster is said to be a brutal one that constantly terrorizes people. Saint Warcury sports a similar boar-like appearance albeit with only one head and massive tusks that mimic his regular mustache.

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Lastly, Saint Shepherd Ju Peter's monstrous form is that of a large sandworm that may be inspired by the Mongolian Death Worm, which has inspired many modern fantasy variations, including the sandworms from Dune. Saint Ju Peter is seen similarly burrowing under the ground at Egghead in chapter #1110 and could possess poison like Saint Saturn if he is indeed based on the Mongolian legend.

The Five Elders May Not Have Devil Fruits

Their introductions don't mention devil fruits at all

While the Five Elders' powers do possess the hallmarks of Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits, there is still some doubt as to whether that may be the case. Saint Saturn's abilities alone have far surpassed anything that should be possible of a devil fruit such as his ability to summon the other Elders, his advanced regeneration, and the Five Elders' shared ability to communicate telepathically even halfway across the world of One Piece.




Jay Garcia Saturn



Marcus Mars



Ethan Baron V. Nusjuro



Topman Warcury



Shepherd Ju Peter


Mongolian (?)

It is possible that they may have reached an advanced stage in awakening their devil fruits over the centuries, so much so that they may have truly become the monsters their fruits are modeled after. Another popular theory is that Imu may have given the Five Elders their powers, allowing them to truly channel the powers of these demons and beasts instead of relying on the limited capabilities of devil fruits modeled after them.

Either way, the battle at Egghead has gotten all the more intense, and it is becoming increasingly doubtful whether Luffy will be able to defeat the Five Elders and escape to Elbaf. One Piece still has many secrets it has yet to reveal, including the full extent of the Five Elders' powers, which will hopefully be displayed in full in due time.

One Piece is available from Manga Plus and Viz Media.

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One Piece: The Five Elders' Powers And True Forms Explained (6)
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One Piece: The Five Elders' Powers And True Forms Explained (2024)


One Piece: The Five Elders' Powers And True Forms Explained? ›

One Piece Reveals The True Forms of the Five Elders

What are the true powers of the Five Elders? ›

Telepathy. The Five Elders seem to have some sort of psychic connection with each other, allowing them to communicate telepathically. They can even communicate with each other from entirely different parts of the world.

Do Five Elders have Devil Fruit? ›

While the vast majority considered to Five Elders to be Devil Fruit users, thanks to their strange transformations, One Piece chapter 1110 has now confirmed that these monstrous fighters do not actually possess a Devil Fruit at all, despite exhibiting the powers of one.

Are the 5 elders the strongest? ›

Five Elders are not just political figures - they hold tremendous strength and power, controlling information and impacting entire countries. Saint Saturn demonstrates incredible abilities such as regeneration and strength, potentially placing him among the strongest characters in the series.

Why do the 5 elders respect Shanks? ›

The Five Elders know that Shanks represents a remarkable potential threat, but they consider him a man who will not try to overthrow the world by himself. Therefore, the Five Elders would tolerate his actions unless they were to reveal an immediate danger.

What is IMU Devil Fruit? ›

When speaking of what Devil Fruit Imu has, one can only narrow it down to another version of the Hito Hito no Mi. In the case of Imu, this Devil Fruit could be the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Akuma. It is clear that Imu will have a very overpowered Devil Fruit ability that could, in some ways, parallel Luffy.

Is Shanks a celestial dragon? ›

One Piece Confirms Shanks is a Celestial Dragon

This, together with a line from the movie in which the Five Elders say that Shanks belongs to the "Figarland Family", seems to confirm that Shanks is, in fact, a descendant of the Celestial Dragons, the all-powerful families who hold absolute authority over the world.

Is IMU stronger than Joyboy? ›

1- Shimotsuki Ryuma (Stated in Wanted! Monsters like "the strongest in the world" in his time and as I believe he is from the Void Century, therefore he would be the strongest.) 2- Imu (somehow surpassed Joy Boy, but lost wars against Wano🤭. Imu also nullified Sabo's attack and ignored its durability.)

Can the 5 elders beat Kaido? ›

The Five Elders May Surpass Kaido in Haki and Resilience

The attack was powerful enough to bring Kaido to his feet and even injure him quite a bit, which only makes it all the more shocking that Saint Warcury was entirely unaffected by the punch.

Can Shanks beat 5 Elders? ›

Shanks, Blackbeard, and Monkey D. Dragon are powerful enough to possibly defeat the Five Elders in One Piece.

Why is everyone afraid of Shanks? ›

It was implied that Shanks's crew is the most balanced in terms of power compared to other Yonko crew. It means that in Red Hair Pirates, there are no fodders because all the crew is powerful and strong. Besides, even though in terms of raw strength Shanks is the weakest compared to the likes of Kaido and Big Mom.

Why did Kuzan join Blackbeard? ›

Kuzan, also known as Aokiji, decided to join the Blackbeard Pirates to start living for himself instead of for others. He had grown resentful of his time as an enlisted officer and the limitations it placed on his personal freedom. After leaving the World Government, he was eager to live life on his own terms.

Is IMU a celestial dragon? ›

However, the greatest asset and strongest Celestial Dragon is Saint Imu, who possesses perennial youth and unparalleled power.

Are the Five Elders stronger than admirals? ›

When the showing of the Five Elders is compared to the showing of the Admirals, it is clear for the fans to see that they are certainly superior.

What are the true powers of the Gorosei? ›

Oda Reveals The True Strength Of The Gorosei

They have overpowered transformations, immortality, and overpowered Haki, and they can most likely also use the power of Conqueror's Haki Infusion.

Are the Five Elders stronger than Luffy? ›

Each of the Five Elders appears to have different strengths, such as Saint Saturn's regeneration, Saint Nusjuro's speed, and Saint Warcury's toughness, and at this rate, Luffy may not be able to hold off the Five Elders long enough for the Straw Hats to make their escape, much less defeat them.

Is Kaido stronger than 5 elders? ›

The Five Elders May Surpass Kaido in Haki and Resilience

As such, the Five Elders might be even more indestructible than Kaido, whose entire character revolved around his physical strength and Haki.

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